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  • The RANGER is the cooler you want when maximum ice retention is required for long periods in extreme conditions
  • Designed as a top-grade full performance rotomolded cooler
  • Built with all of the features expected of a heavy-duty cooler with thick insulated walls to ensure the cooler holds ice for as long as possible
  • The insulated walls provide the ice retention necessary to keep cold during extended trips in extreme environments
  • Expect Ranger Series coolers to maintain ice for up to 5-10+ days - with close attention to the ice retention tips, performance can be enhanced even more
  • Walls are filled with a thick layer of premium foam insulation to ensure a dependable thermal barrier
  • By the nature of basic thermal properties a smaller cooler holds less ice and will therefore tend to hold ice for a shorter period than a larger cooler
  • Manageable size makes this great for transporting in a vehicle for camping or tailgating
  • A great personal sized cooler offering full-performance that will keep items cold and fresh in any environment
  • Ice retention: up to 5-7+ days
  • Often used for shorter trips into extreme and rugged locations or for any on-the-go outdoor recreational activities
  • Easily takes plenty of food and drink on excursions
  • Items will arrive and stay cold and fresh no matter where the destination
  • Ice retention: up to 6-8+ days
  • Ideal for the times when you need to have plenty of cold food and beverage away from home
  • Great for larger group activities
  • Perfect size for bottled water, sports drinks, sandwiches and snacks
  • Items will remain cold even on the hottest days of summer
  • Ice retention: up to 7-10+ days
  • An extra large cooler with thick insulated walls, it provides maximum capacity with maximum performance
  • Perfect for transporting and keeping large quantities of meat or food and beverage cold for extended periods of time
  • Designed for outdoor activities such as saltwater fishing or big game hunting
  • Professional grade means that the large size is useful in small businesses like food service and event planning
  • Ice retention: up to 8-10+ days

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125-qt. - Tan
product # 9301-0056
125-qt. - White
product # 9301-0055
Item Description
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13.5” W x 10” L x 10.5” H, 25‑qt. capacity - Tan
product # 9301-0011
13.5” W x 10” L x 10.5” H, 25‑qt. capacity - White
product # 9301-0012
Item Description
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16” W x 13.5” L x 11.5” H, 45‑qt. capacity - Tan
product # 9301-0013
16” W x 13.5” L x 11.5” H, 45‑qt. capacity - White
product # 9301-0014
Item Description
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19” L x 26” W x 17.5” H; 65‑qt. capacity - Tan
product # 9301-0015
19” L x 26” W x 17.5” H; 65‑qt. capacity - White
product # 9301-0016